Meet François Hugon

In his debut autobiography, Francois reveals some of his adventures while in France, including being kidnapped three times, as well as getting chewed out (in French) by his sister the general manager and his boss for opening up a bottle of wine the wrong way! You’ll have to brush up on your French to get hear about that chunk of the story… or get the book.

 François Hugon holding his book
Made in France Book Cover

Torn from Home, A Tale of Hope

Torn from his father, siblings, and all he knew and loved in Provence, François Hugon spent years in the City of Light virtually alone. Then one fateful afternoon his life changed when he caught his first glimpse of New York City in the latest issue of Paris Match, a peek into the promise of a better life. The shy, terrified boy slowly began to open himself up to all life had to offer. Over the next decade he would find his way back to his family in Provence, learn the value of hard work, and feel the thrill of taking chances. Countless adventures later he would find himself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean contemplating life under a dark and starry sky. Would he ever realize his dream of going to America?

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